Discover Santorinian Cuisine

As much as a visit to Santorini, the pearl of the Cyclades, may satisfy visitors with its magical landscape and spectacular views, it cannot be considered complete if it does not satisfy their gastronomical cravings. This famous Cycladic island is ideal for sampling flavours and delicacies that seem to magically blend with the beauty and awe inspired by its breathtaking Caldera.

Η κουζίνα της Σαντορίνης - On The Rocks Santorini

In Santorini you can become acquainted with unique ingredients and recipes that add a different dimension to your stay. There are certain renowned products that are native to Santorini and which, with the exception of some other Cycladic islands, cannot be found elsewhere. Fava, capers, chlorotyri (sheep or goat’s cheese that can be eaten fresh or grated when it becomes dry), kardamides (a delicately flavoured green herb, boiled and usually served with fish, and which is very effective against cholesterol), cherry tomatoes, white aubergines and peanuts are only some of the island’s amazing products, whilst it is also famous for its exquisite wines.

Η κουζίνα της Σαντορίνης - On The Rocks Santorini

The above ingredients are the foundation for a number of mouth-watering recipes, the most well-know of which are:

  • Fava with capers, onion and olive oil
  • White aubergine filled with cheese
  • Tomato fritters
  • Fried courgettes
  • Spreads (combined with yoghurt, peppers and garlic paste)
  • Fresh calamari stuffed with goat’s cheese, fresh tomato and spicy peppers

Η κουζίνα της Σαντορίνης - On The Rocks Santorini

All of the above dishes (meze in Greek) are ideal for accompanying the fresh fish visitors can enjoy in Santorini, both at cosmopolitan restaurants and in traditional tavernas. In all of the island’s villages and settlements there are establishments specializing in the preparation of such ingredients and can complement a visit to the Queen of the Cyclades in the most delicious way.

Santorini….. a blessed land worth visiting once in a lifetime. And a second … and a third…!!!